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The series began as a popular sketch entitled "The Family". The sketch appeared frequently on "The Carol Burnett Show which lasted one hour. Later, the show was syndicated in 30 minute segments and retitled "Carol Burnett and Friends. Vicki Lawrence played Mama, Carol Burnett played her daughter Eunice, and Harvey Korman played Eunice's husband Ed. Tim Conway would occasionally be put in a family sketch playing Ed's looney employee Mickey Hart. The Carol Burnett Show also used their gueststars to play members of The Family. Betty White appeared several times throughout the show as Mama's daughter Ellen, who married a successful man, and is the object of envy for Eunice. Several actors would gueststar and play Phill Harper. However, the name was changed to Vinton Harper when the 30 minute television series began. After "Eunice" was aired on television and took the ratings for the evening, Vicki Lawrence agreed to doing the sitcom. Harvey Korman,Carol Burnett, and Betty White would gueststar occasionally and become a part of "Mama's Family"

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